WOLVOX Human Resources Management

Your biggest investment is human capital investment. Wolvox Human Resorces has prepared for keeping record of personnel , defining parameters belongs to payroll calculating and tracking activities of personnel during their working period . It will not be difficult to recognize your personnel with AKINSOFT Human Resources Management .

* Tracking information belongs to working and resigned personnel
* Scoring , Minimum Living Allowance(MLA) , Payroll Calculatings
* Tracking changes of official and administrative positions
* Creating photograph , description and note scalas
* Defining documents and files belongs to defined cards
* Personal based tracking ability to workplace information
* Personal based workplace information tracking
* Defining personnel according to special group and status
* Saving records of personal characteristics
* Saving records of address and register information
* Tracking giving rewards and receiving penalties
* Tracking visitors
* Defining position of personnel according to their opinion about desired working position in company
* Tracking of previous payrolls and make scoring processes .
* Full integration with WOLVOX Pre-Accounting
* Reaching of right personnel to demanded information with authorizaton system
* WOLVOX Online HR contains Administrator Control Panel , Personnel Entry/Exit Control Screen , Request and Suggestion Forms , In company survey-exam system and statistic reports .


* Payroll
* Personnel Tracking
* Job Application Tracking
* Visitors Tracking
* HR Web Module