Production Sector

ERP which provides planning workforce,raw material,machine and cost factors and information exchange between departments by means of optimum benefit in companies, it can satisfy the needs of many sectors problems with flexibility, multi-user usage and moduler structure.

* Automotive Sector
* Molding Sector
* Machine Manufacturing Sector
* Food Sector
* Plastic Sector
* Energy Sector
* Technology Sector
* Agriculture Sector
* Chemistry Sector

Service Sector

By 1600s there wasn't customer satisfaction concept . Nowadays one of the first targets of Producer and Reseller companies are establish customer satisfaction and inreace profitability . Responding to customer requests fast and right became sole factor of successful administration.Here it is ERP System Softwares become a part of activity to develop successful company administrations.Corporate or Firms going through to Institutionalization took a step by start using ERP Softwares to achieve their targets . Major Service sectors that have importance successful administration are below :

* Finance Sector
* Merchandising Sector
* Logistics Sector
* Tourism Sector
* Health Sector
* Telecommunication Sector
* Insurance Sector
* Real Estate Sector
* Education Sector
* Security Sector