WOLVOX CRM (Customer Relations Management)

With it's general describe CRM is ; managing effectively of relations that is realized with customers to create mutual and long term value relation.

WOLVOX CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will be your wisest investment to increase company profitability as in compliance with customer request and requirements by considering to create customer loyalty principal.

* You can reach customer information very fast so that time loss can reduced .
* You can make decision according your designations about risky customers.
* You can engage warning system on your relations with risky customers.
* You can send bulk mail and SMS in occasional days (Epulations , Birthdates etc.)
* You can track customer service and support information.
* You can create sales and campaign opportunities intended to customer groups designated by you .
* You can make daily,weekly and monthly plan with organizer
* You can put audio warning system into operation for your important appointments
* Customer Performance Consideration Reports
* You can review relation level between you and your customers and profit-loss account as in reply to your practices.
* You can review customer requests in an instant by courtesy of detailed analysis and reports and you will not lose time to make actual your plans and strategic decisions.
* Caller ID (Show calling number) Support