WOLVOX Restaurant

Increase your business productivity with WOLVOX Restaurant. WOLVOX Restaurant, by AKINSOFT, which is developed for restaurants, cafes & pubs and pastry shops is a Restaurant Management System. WOLVOX Restaurant has the features of designing table registrations visually, grouping table registrations according to the characteristics of business, detailed bundling screen, starting multi-tabs for one table, cancelling a bill, adding pictures to identify products, seeing your customers asking for Caller ID support on the screen, starting a tab for tables with PDI device.

WOLVOX Restaurant consists of customizing of bill ending options, fast printing of bill by thermal printer, fast transfer of orders to the kitchen with the help of kitchen printer, touch screen support, multi-user support, reliable and fast backup parts works entegrated with WOLVOX Pre-accounting. From now on, it is very easy to work more productively, to increase the productivity and quality of service.