Production Planning

Three important factors in production sector are labour, used materials, and machienes used with a correct production plan.With WOLVOX MRPII,Material Necessity Planning and Production Resources Planning will not be a problem anymorefor the manufacturer companies and at any moment;companies will be able to get the informations of which product,when,how,where,by whom,how much amount,what time and how much cost produced and supplied.

Production Commands ( Your biggest helper in delivering the orders on time…)

In production commands section , when you enter the amount of order and the delivery time your client demand, you can easily reach the information like the date you will begin the production and when the production will be completed . By this way it will be your biggest helper in delivering the orders.

Gantt Scheme ( You can see the date and the hour when the production will be completed...)

This is the part in which planned time and real time are shown according to production degrees and flowing ranks of product in each machiene untill completing the operation .With Gantt scheme you can see the dates and hours when your machines will begin production and finish it , if there is a lameness in production (like machiene errors,power cut etc), you can enter the loss times and by this way without making any mathematical accounts, you can interfere to the production.

JOB-ORDERS ( You can create one job order , daily Job order or an hourly Job order.)

You can create the Job Orders by using one of the selections of just one job order, daily job order or if you want to see in detailed; create hourly job order to all productions that enables you to analyze and interfere to your production flow at every stage of production.
At Job Order section;You can analyze Machine job orders and buying orders in detail and define your lost times.

Report and Analysis * Production Commands Report
* Ullage Analysis
* Machine Running Report
* Operation Comparison Report
* Cost Comparison Report
* Machine Unit Time Report
* Staff Comparison Report
* Machine Maintenance Report