WOLVOX Hotel is a system that prepared by AKINSOFT for hotel administration. You can do your best with WOLVOX HOTEL.

Time is important for hotel administrators. Administration has a complex system. You can challenge all problems with WOLVOX HOTEL.

Your personnel can work efficiently with this programme. You can do all your works with WOLVOX for front desk. You can do group reservations, check-in, check-out. Also you can arrange only one bill for group reservations to the agencies. You can do separate process to guests in one room with detailed silver cards. You can do more than one assignment on one reservation. If you want you can take situation report at that time of your hotel. You can report you occupancy rate in detail (FORCAST).

You can work bill in your restaurant with WOLVOX Restaurant and if you want you can have wireless connection with PDA for orders. You can bring your hotel ready for tomorrow fast. You can take fast detailed guest register. You can perform Collect of Information Centre and XML and send them The Police Authorities where you are bound to. Also you can present more qualified service to your guests with existent room, register, floor, block, view, and bed type and room descriptions.

You can support cash and credit card systems by WOLVOX Front Accounting. You can prepare agency and agreement registers. You can characterize unlimited income and payment department. You can make price, tariff and period choices free from agency. You can send collective email and sms in your customer list. You can declare lost good and fault and report them separately.