Quality Control

To gratify the customers and to be at the top in rivalry, you should check the quality of your products with some processes. You will measure the materials and raw-materials which you supplied by WOLVOX ERP E-Business when stocktaking at the level of industrial engineering techniques or check your production quality by creating a quality control point after a critical operation and at the time you need by taking critical precautions according to the analysis results you will sustain your ullage and costs to undermost.

Quality Control Report

You can follow up in detail if product ,semimanufactured, and raw material standarts which occured after production is suitable or not for the business quality standards criterion with " Quality Control Report".By comparing defined quality control standarts with the quality of occured production,analyzes the information of how much variance exist in which points so that it is possible to make qualified production suitable for your management's quality-control policy.