WOLVOX PRE-ACCOUNTANT will make your life easier. By creating main and sub stock categories you will be able to make a coded system that will enable you to find whatever you want within seconds. Also you will be able to describe your productions by giving them coded data such as brand, model, color, etc.

Thanks to stock inventory equipment and stock arrangement system, it enables you to update your stock inventories. These processes will no longer be a nightmare for your business.

With the developed storage module you will be able to create unlimited storages (Raw material, Semi-Manufactured, End product) and also will be able to make mass transfers within these storages.Simple usage with the modules of current, offer, ordering and invoice,tabs that you need much and with lots of innovations,it will enable your company to gain different aspects and help you provide human centered work system. You will find more than what you dream for pre-accountancy in WOLVOX ERP E-Business.


* Current
* Cash
* Stock
* Invoice
* Cheque-Bond
* Waybill
* Offer
* Order
* Foreign currency follow-up
* Storage
* Card Index
* Bank
* Marketing
* Simple Production
* Serial Number-Guaranty Follow Up
* Installment Follow Up
* Service
* Transfer
* Financial Analysis